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he could arrange for Sue purple a to the highway

"Horse secretary, you find someone carrying brand heads." The driver finally stammered in front of the situation say that come out. MaJiMing after hearing, resolutely jumped Cheap Nike Shoes out of the car, and whether the driver behind shout what, go on. Sure enough, the vehicle to go forward, the more people are alike the dark. In addition to being stuck in traffic, and running around looking the masses. MaJiMing came to it, and he saw the middle road was kneeling a young women, 30 years old. Hands holding a card, the top write a few big word: for I ask MaZhengFa right themselves.

MaZhengFa? MaJiMing eyes were the three words with a very hot, the brain in rapid flashing, this woman who is, how do you know I today to go by? He squeezed on, only to discover that have two old man among road, such as couples. The old man holding a thick stack of paper, and each drove by a car, he went to fill in several pages. Also across the window ask: "are you a new MaZhengFa?" See the car, the people, and shook his head, and the old man face deep disappointment. However, he seems very stubborn, don't want to a car to a car asked. It is the stubborn old man, the way to blocked so many cars. The other side of the road, the old lady holding a small girl, still kneeling, spread out before long a piece of white cloth, write in black and full. MaJiMing crowded in the past, a look down the white cloth, the heart is seized with.......

Kneeling on the street in the center of the woman call Sue purple, a very beautiful name. He called her husband TaoShi, is a car driver, because of traffic accidents and thrown into jail, under investigation. Thousands of cheap gucci sale unexpected is, her husband was killed TaoShi prison bully alive in jail. Sue purple everywhere appeal, requirements severely punish the murderer, as her husband right themselves. Her tears come a long way to appeal, the boy but Dallas prison, was let goose-stepped in the street. How can she willingly? She doesn't believe in the blood of her husband can shed, she doesn't believe that the world will let the communist party too died in vain. But, the morals of the world, who would cover for her family?

Another too!

MaJiMing see here, the draw on his air conditioning. Then he heard the edge comment in succession, said Sue purple months kneel down every day, his knees are broken layers of skin, the husband is unable to the processing of justice. "Darkness!" Someone ruthlessly with a sigh, and walked away. Cheap Jordan Sale MaJiMing didn't dare to stay, silently out out, the mind to walk back strong. This time he did not passion passionate, felt like a escape, a little sorry kneel to Sue the purple. But, in the presence of so many people face, he is to stand up, and can give her what promise?

Commitment is not to want to do can do!

MaJiMing a little sad.

But, but he kept firmly in mind the "Sue purple" the name.

LiChunJiang sitting alone in the office.

That Sue purple didn't can block MaJiMing, LiChunJiang heart overflow a layer of despair. Is he can't take the issuing? Or Sue purple missed him? Could not, and LiChunJiang believe 2012 Prada Sue purple won't miss it. Everything is he carefully calculated. In order to find out the exact time of the road MaJiMing, LiChunJiang't hesitate to use the public security of the provincial capital world friend, let the traffic police all the way to contact him. Until MaJiMing fast to wu of the water, he could arrange for Sue purple a to the highway, and he also specially with highway traffic police account, don't block Sue purple petitions, even if to do him a favor.

LiChunJiang do so, was also imposed by helpless. No way of ah, as long as MaJiMing a sanhe border on, a sitting head of the seat, and will be surrounded by various power, Sue purple to expect him right themselves, be afraid is on the water, the fog flowers.

But is again so calculate, didn't also can help Sue the MaJiMing to settle scores purple in hand. Must be his also fear that this case, or, that someone dozen hello in advance.

Is a thought, ZhengYuan calls, and questioned whether he arranged to appeal the purple Sue? He just said a voice "is", ZhengYuan will break into a furious Nike Air Max rage, scold him is to the dead against Sue purple. "Don't know, SuZiGang leave high speed, and a motorcycle speed to her head. If not I press the row people protect, this array son she'll be dead!" ZhengYuan voice is so high, LiChunJiang shock of the pain the eardrum. LiChunJiang shocked, broad daylight, how dare they vicious! After half a day he asked: "Sue purple now?"

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in a few cities in the south through between

His French police let XieQing temporarily find words.

The police say: if there's no objection, whether can you please him in the final report signed up.

XieQing said: he signed the Nike Air Max documents in what will happen? The police say: after signing a word, YangHong body will soon to be cremated. Then, the police will inform relevant departments will YangHong insurance compensation paid to XieQing. XieQing asked these things well after? The police say: this time he should be back to China, because his visa is only two week's time.

XieQing to France for a week, that is, again a week his visa to expire. He had to deal with good suitcase, back to Charles DE gaulle airport, sit on the plane flies back to AC. He had to return to the team to work, have to answer not been abroad colleagues a lot of curiosity. He quickly back to the highway, drive the car coooing watershave diesel engine container trailers, in a few cities in the south through between. He will get old, and in the following days, it is difficult to imagine how special a amazing thing is waiting for him. He came to Paris is gucci sale uk only a dream, but also in the police tell him when the dream dreams will soon end. No!!!XieQing won't walk! He has wanted to, and no matter how to stay in Paris.
XieQing opened that years of the long distance bus, in the way the little restaurant or car hotels often meet some voluntary pleasure woman. Reasonable use of these wild natural resources is a coach the driver's survival fundamentals, XieQing already practice for years, kung fu natural good. He didn't let what effort from fujian province, fang is very happy.

On this day they really began to eat is very late. XieQing drinking beer, eating fang do fujian fish balls, the mood was relaxed. He slowly leads to the topic YangHong body, let fang speak more some relevant YangHong things. Fang memory is like rocky, things that DianSanDaoSi, always take her and some other woman string together. Then she said to the early last year in hospital see stand big belly is about to delivery YangHong, XieQing thought that she must have said the people of what, how could YangHong pregnant childbirth! But this time fang insisted that she saw, in Paris in the hospital for women is 9. XieQing asked her how you into the hospital for women? Fang lysias, said he was confused abdominous, to have an abortion. She said it would never wrong. Although YangHong only in clothing factory to make a month's work, and there are Cheap Jordan Sale more than a year haven't met her, fang can still tell her, and she was also dozen hello, asked her belly in children is male or female. Fang suddenly also remind of what, said YangHong next to at that time and personal, she met the man, is a beautiful city a bag shop female boss. She go there bought bag, so remember her. XieQing asked fang can remember which bags shop? She said not clear, where the bags shop too much.

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a pair of the appearance of all ears

The clouds a froze, the clouds, and her tears come out immediately, almost kneel to the doctor to ask for a favor.

Deadpan doctor icily turn round and then walk.

At this moment, I a took the mother of the money in the clouds, and said to them, "don't worry, waiting for me."

Say that finish, I immediately went to the fee place, take out my body with money, get 20000 yuan, has the surgery hospitalization. Then, the doctor is Nike UK ineligible for the operation began, the clouds, father soon pushed to the operating room.

The clouds a look at my eyes full of gratitude. The clouds wiped out the tears, said to me: "eldest brother, thank you, and tomorrow I let the little brother to cattle and sheep to sell, also your money......"

I looked at the clouds said: "what nonsense you talk, if you dare to sell cattle and sheep to return my money, I'll never know you......"

The clouds said: "eldest brother, it's your hard earned do, is your hard-earned money commission, the money we must return home......"

I get angry: " gucci sale uk now save matter, no mention of money also thing!"

My facial expression is very serious, tone and some stern, the clouds, look at my look, be I frighten, can't talk again.

I slow tone, patted the clouds of shoulder: "I'm a bachelor, flower not so much money, your father's disease treatment first urgent, the home of cattle and sheep animals can't sell, as for the money, anyway I don't urgent need, after waiting, say okay, everybody is oneself person, don't be a stranger... listen to my words, good?"

My words seems to make the clouds get great comfort, her deep feeling ground looked at me, and nodded his head.

At the moment, my heart is some boy complained, had just had a stray capital wood, also have less than 2000 dollars, it looks like I'm't walk, originally planned day leave plans fell Nike Jordans through.

But, even so, I also didn't intend to let the clouds home to return my money, I ain't no this idea, I witnessed the kind and honest clouds the family, and the family of crude and difficulties, let their house sold cattle and sheep to return my money, my conscience how to bear, this is not my work style.

This year, the poor most afraid of be ill, a disease can let a family's purse.

Farmers do not easy, especially in China do farmers, but also not easy. Now the Chinese social strata, the most bitter way to farmers.

I was quite some regrets and sorrow.

After daybreak, operation over very well, we all breathe a sigh of relief.

The clouds to call the company asks for leave in the home to take care of my father, the clouds, mother decided not to promise, says she has to take care of Cheap Prada Shoes line, the clouds, work can not be delayed, important in the public.

But, the clouds, promised to the mother, and I say goodbye to the family together, on the back of the train just, in the night to return to the xinghai.

The end of the holidays, but I can't leave, I will stay at least a month, to make money.

The oil well without pressure. And I have to use your head make money.
On my experience, I don't have to tell you the truth, I say I graduate from high school in the town is a factory jobs, and then want to come out to make, to see the world outside, they come out, very simple.

The clouds parents seem to be more satisfied with my family, but to my high school graduates will work seems to some regret, say how didn't go to college?

I say I learn bad, naughty, didn't pass the college entrance examination.

The clouds beside holds the Nike Shox gills help focus to listen, eyes with the expression is dubious, but said nothing. I feel the clouds are not actually didn't mind, she is a certain XinShu.

The clouds of my own father come out to make very appreciate, say that you people in zhejiang is good at business, and all over the country have zhejiang people figure, young people rushed out, as long as it can bear hardships, hard solid dry, the university also can have ambition.

I nodded approvingly, a pair of the appearance of all ears.

A meal to bake complete sheep eat my full head big sweat, don't know is to bake complete sheep eat drink white wine or the cause of the heart of caused by tension.

Whenever I think about my vacation will fly away from the xinghai, I didn't look at the clouds and her parents see my love the look in the eyes of love. I felt like in the clouds had family.

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Go out to take the fingerprint on the fruit knife wash off the h

Two people in the sofa of the sitting room has achieved "a not hook". Zhang bao ready to light gun sword, is blunt battle.
Suddenly, at this time...
"Peng" the Nike Shoes sound.
The door was opened......
All of the blood GuoXiaoRong appear in their sight.
"You.................. that was"
GuoXiaoRong and even before his words will faint in the ground.
Zhang bao frighten of broke out in a cold sweat, just the full display the moment I respectfully so down slanting down on one side.
Song YaoYao also panic looking at GuoXiaoRong distracted there.
"This...... what it is......" A deposits is dizzy.
Song YaoYao leng along while finally awake to come over, she very quiet walk to GuoXiaoRong side, with fingers in the near GuoXiaoRong his nostrils, feel still breathing.
Look back in there staring blankly eye of zhang bao, frowned said.
"Still alive, quick take knife to come over, for his two knife!" Zhang bao crept of picked up on tea table of fruit knife and gave it to YaoYao song.
Song of YaoYao eyes flash across several silk malice, the hands hold the knife.
"PuChi, PuChi......" In the whole GuoXiaoRong chest tong ten dao. Deep red blood dyed the hands of her white.
Fear of looking at YaoYao deposits song, like looking at a devil, as if YaoYao not tong in song cheap gucci sale dynasty GuoXiaoRong body but tong upon him.
After the song YaoYao tong, sitting next to the bodies of GuoXiaoRong pull at out of breath.
"Come on over to handle it, how do you still sit staring blankly ah, this still use the old niang to teach you not to become."
Zhang bao-walked past, suddenly he saw GuoXiaoRong eyes moved down......
"Oh!......" Zhang bao screamed faint in the ground.
"Waste!" Song YaoYao white eye deposits stood up and went into the bathroom and wash body blood, the hemp put on his clothes.
Go out to take the fingerprint on the fruit knife wash off the hand of deposits.
"Hum, this but you, no matter the dog-eat-dog me." Song YaoYao natural and Air Jordans unrestrained to place a hair, ready to open the door to go out.
"そ れ は で は な い か. (is it?)"
A man's voice cold appear in the chamber.
Song of the YaoYao panic turned, did not find anyone.
The door was open, and a messy be stained with the blood of clothes Japanese man appeared in front of him.
Song YaoYao carefully looked at, recalled the person.
The man is GuoXiaoRong dinner yesterday with one of the few guests, GuoXiaoRong and he is talking about, and how the domestic a batch of national cultural relics to smuggle to Japan.
Song YaoYao know his name, out of the host. Because she can a little Japanese, so also and host ichiro chatted in Japanese.
"Mr. Host, you this is?"

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reforming sales channel, a substantial investment

Chan put a pair "this is not a normal," facial expression: "you began to emotional."

YangXiaoGuang shrugged his eyebrows, do innocence expression: "somebody else for debt collection come to me......."

Chan court: "you Nike 2012 go to ask the harshness of the right, she is still what old total face to the new company, especially her manager and any old total some GuJiao."

YangXiaoGuang to worship a small gift from chan: "have to make."

Chan is FanShen left her called a way: "you of the task to the organization to protect skin to taste, the project of the market research, in a month to file a report."

YangXiaoGuang words: "a month?" She saw the smile faces into majesty chan shape, then clench fist, "I must have successfully completed the task of account for the organization."

If such as chan suggests, by the YangXiaoGuang what the memory of porch with merry 35 words say, merry promptly frank to say: "this thing is I neglect, gucci outlet
but still time, HeZong still speak to pick up a new advertising pan!"

Merry not the kui is mixed this line, with its flattering like, let YangXiaoGuang FuFei unceasingly. But what the leadership of the porch after the establishment of new project team, as she shot advertising for one hour before the performance, the new project this work is still delivered to the her hand. This will mean that still need to continue to back with merry deal with.

Cannot treat STH lightly day after, YangXiaoGuang want to.

Vice-president of the wise how to the attention of the project xuan has come hands-on degree, even in leadership team with "JiLi" CEO ate several meal.

All of this Cheap Jordan Sale makes the old brand to have a gamble, put all your eggs in one basket, the determination of the rally.

A whole set of solutions is by what was the porch, careful and novel: the named "draft" show, with network marketing and advertising bombing, reforming sales channel, a substantial investment, process very long.

And the key link and the popularization of the AD late hero has set down-pan to Aaron.

"Peacock" are named male Cheap Prada Shoes draft day and male spokesperson, because the brand lights product early is a man skin creams, when it completely in the forefront of The Times go, many women consumers are also special adored that style of oil control and moist effect of first-class for male skin creams. So they still main this product, preparation stage a comeback.

Any of the porch in internal scheme of imaginecup explanation: "customers are already in the draft budget will be most of the rest of the budget, the naming, to speak of Aaron. Pan with low price, high degree than invited a line, domestic star more cost-effective. First and most important, they consider his company and other Nike Air Max Sale players of situations, having now after he won the champion, and he is the locals, to take part in the game have home advantage, can immediately, and thus more connected to enrage facilitating the our brand promotion."

YangXiaoGuang on your notebook doing records, written by Aaron's name after pan, cu however a surprised, is his life was they this group of irrelevant to the plan?

Most of the time, his life can not be by in his own right.

YangXiaoGuang turn to the final budget, pan to Aaron in this is the plan's plan, cost cost is not high, still need to be late with the brand promotion activities.

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